Aisha is an independent artist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She began drawing at the age of 3 with encouragement from her father, who would sand down pencils to fit in her tiny hands. Growing up in the United States with family from the Middle East, Aisha was interested in Arabic calligraphy and geometric art from an early age, but she didn't apply them to her art until later. As she got older, Aisha branched out from standard paper and pencil and began to draw and paint on wood. After meeting another local artist, Laura Sommer, Aisha began drawing with ink and marker. Aisha has enjoyed applying her creativity and love of balance in her art and other visual projects. Her large mixed media murals served as a background for her talks on Social Justice and student engagement while she worked at the Department of Housing and Residential Education at the University of Utah. Now, Aisha draws and paints in her free time, and hopes to continue capturing beautiful thoughts with every medium she can get her hands on. Her favorite subjects are sailing boats, flowers, and musical instruments. 
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